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Big Hitter

Big Hitter 400 Watt BoomCase - Vintage Suitcase BoomBox Suitcase Speaker w/ Bluetooth

:: 400 Watt BoomCase

$1,150.00 USD

This BoomCase is sold out. 

Vintage Steamer Trunk with 18" Woofer and vintage squawker horn. 


Featuring: 400 Watt Amplifier


Frequency Response: 30hz - 20,000hz

Dimensions: 29" x 12=9" x 8"

Weight: 41lbs

Battery Life: 16+ Hours


Extra Options Available:

Battery Meter - $FREE

Bluetooth Wireless - $35 (included)


All BoomCases are rechargeable. Comes with battery charger and audio cable. This BoomCase Ships Within Three Weeks. Rush Delivery Available.

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